Welcome to the first LIBS Summit!

It has been over 50 years since the spectral analysis of a laser produced spark was first reported in 1962. However, the term “laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)” was coined in the early 1980s by a research group from Los Alamos National Laboratory. Compared with other elemental analysis techniques, LIBS exhibits a number of advantages including real-time measurement, instant multi-element analysis, no-or-little sample preparation, etc. Due to its promise and novelty, LIBS has been regarded “the future star of analytical chemistry” for years. Limited by its initial quantification performance, LIBS has not yet been as widely applied as older and more mature technologies. We are now at the threshold for LIBS to realize wide commercialization. It is of great importance to further improve the understanding of LIBS fundamentals, to build more optimized LIBS systems, to establish more sophisticated and accurate quantification methods, and to gain more application experience.

Although Chinese researchers started to work on LIBS since the 1980s, the Chinese LIBS community grew up very quickly in the last decade and has become the most dynamic force for LIBS in the world since 2011 when the first Chinese LIBS symposium was held. We hosted the 8th international symposium on LIBS in 2014 (LIBS2014) in Beijing, and in 2015, we initiated the first Asian LIBS symposium (ASLIBS2015), which was subsequently hosted every two years. As a milestone, the Chinese LIBS committee was created under the Chinese Society for Optical Engineering (CSOE), indicating the official birth of the Chinese LIBS community. With the establishment of an official LIBS community and facing a huge potential Chinese LIBS market, it is time for China to make contribution to international LIBS society. Therefore, we proposed to establish the international LIBS Summit last year to encourage researchers to make great contribution to LIBS technology and its application, and to educate young researchers in China to prepare for future achievements in LIBS. We are looking forward to sharing the great and joyful time with you from 6th-7th this July.

In addition, we appreciate all support from LIBS related companies listed as well as the co-sponsorship of the international Optical Society (OSA) and we strongly believe that with the support and efforts from Chinese LIBS community, we are able to make important contribution to LIBS development.

Looking forward to your arrival!

Prof. Zhe Wang, Tsinghua University, China

 LIBS Committee of China, Chinese Society for Optical Engineering;
 Energy and Power Engineering Department of Tsinghua University;
 State Key Lab of Power Systems

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